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Insecten tempel II

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Insecten tempel II Kop2

Insecten tempel II overzicht


Insecten Tempel II from Koos Buist on Vimeo.

The documentation of the Insecten Tempel II.
Exhibited at final exams of Minerva in the former nature museum of Groningen.

Its a temple made as an oath to the insects who are crucial for live on this planet. They are lithely the base of the temple. And the fact they are made out of three part is a symbolic metaphor of the crucial roll they play.

The three parts are:

Abdomen = Matter- Earth

Thorax = Movement- time

Head = Energy-spirit

Matter and Energy are one in Movement (time)

Artist: Koos Buist 2010

Insecten Tempel II from Koos Buist on Vimeo.

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